Minecraft Xbox 360 Saves Not Transferable To Xbox One Edition

If you are one of the 22 million or so Minecraft players and you had plans of getting a fancy new Xbox One, you may be disappointed that your saves will not transfer from you Xbox 360 to the new device. It's a new product on Xbox One states Microsoft.

The information came from Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer who stated that Minecraft Xbox One contains enhancements that make it distinct from the Xbox 360 version, such as larger worlds, expanded multiplayer features and other feature enhancements that utilize the power of the Xbox One.

The developer of the Xbox versions, 4J Studios, earlier stated in a tweet that they were in discussions with Microsoft concerning cross platform saves, but hasn't said any more so I guess we will have to wait as see how it all pans out. 4J Studios did say, however, that they will continue to be updating Minecraft for the Xbox 360 after the release of the Xbox One edition.