Japan Broadcasting Corp. To Start 8K Trials In 3 Years

While 4K resolution televisions are all the buzz, and there is little content for them yet, that fact has not deterred the Japan Broadcasting Corp. from settings its sight on 8K. With 4K programming hitting the airways in 2014, they plan on 8K just two year later.

At the open house of the Science and Technology Research Laboratories of Japan Broadcasting Corp., they were showing off a state-of-the-art 8K camera that captured images in stunningly accurate colors. The 8K images also excel at 3-D grade stereoscopic effects.

The communications ministry will begin trial broadcasts of 8K content in 2016, but there are still major concerns over adoption of this technology. Home electronics stores have reported that people will crowd around the 4K televisions, but that they have not sold very many. Considering that the price tag of a 4K television in Japan is approximately 1.68 million yen (about $17.6 thousand US dollars), they are still over the price range of many people, and it's a certainty that 8K televisions will be even more expensive when they first become available.

They noted that while the images a beautiful, the sense of improvement when switching from analog to digital was more obvious than when going to the really high resolution screens. Given that analog transmissions ended in 2011, many people have recently purchased new televisions and probably will not be in the market for some time.

That being said, I need to write more news articles so I can afford one.