Microsoft To Open 600 Windows Stores At Best Buy Locations

In an effort to make sure that people can get a hands-on experience with their Windows products, Microsoft has partnered with Best Buy and will be installing Windows Stores at five hundred locations in the US and one hundred in Canada starting this summer.

The retail chain plans to install the Windows stores in areas previously used for computer sales and will use somewhere between 1500 and 2200 square feet of retail space. This collaboration by Microsoft and Best Buy will create approximately 1200 jobs. The personnel will be specifically trained to sell Windows products and to answer consumers questions such as "Where's the start menu?" (Okay that was a cheap shot).

Seriously, this is good news for Best Buy who has been struggling in the last few years as sales and the economy have not treated them too well, and will expand Microsoft's presence in the retail sector to compete against the likes of Apple.

This may sound a bit familiar as just a couple of months ago Samsung partnered with Best Buy and opened about 1400 "mini-stores" of their own at Best Buy locations.