Taking The Oculus Rift Beyond Gaming

You are probably all aware of the headset display device called the Oculus Rift that is being produced by Oculus VR. It's received a lot of praise in the gaming industry and the people who have had the opportunity to try one are impressed. But it can do much more.

Everyone is all abuzz about the great gaming potential of the VR device and rightly so as we've been waiting for something like this for a long time. What people may not realize is the vast potential uses for a VR headset beyond just the gaming sphere.

When GamesBeat had a chance to play around with one at E3, they not only checked out the gaming action but were shown something called "VR Cinema". This was a virtual theater where not only could you watch the movie, but look around and see the seats in the theater and even the flickering projector in the back.

"[The Rift] really can expand far beyond [gaming]," said Brendan Iribe, Oculus VR's chief executive officer. "You could imagine you're watching a movie in this theater. You can have your buddies in there. You guys could be talking to each other. You could be doing things." He also mentioned military simulation and architectural walk-through in life size scale.

Thinking about this you begin to realize just how limitless this device might be for thousands of applications. Online college courses would have you sitting right in the classroom interacting with the other online students. Want to take a vacation to a Caribbean island but can't afford it? Get your group together and VR the experience as a group. Even simple business meetings could be taken to a whole new level of experience.

It seems that the only thing stopping the Rift from becoming more than a gaming novelty is the available content, but if that can be streamed to participating users (like a VR Skype), this little device may just be our Holodeck 1.0.

Post some comments on other ideas you think the Rift may be used to change the way we do things.