Banned Users Will Not Lose Access To Xbox One Games

In a Reddit Games interview, Microsoft's director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb stated that Xbox One users who get banned from Xbox One services will not lose their access to the games they have purchased. It's good to see Microsoft finally speaking up on some of the uncertainty surrounding their new console.

Submitted by Redditors, the Xbox One-centric questions with the most up votes were put forward to Hyrb. He was asked "If someone is banned whether they are at fault or not, will they lose access to the games they purchased?" Hyrb responded with "Absolutely not. You will always have access to the games that you purchased. Absolutely not." Host Chloe Dykstra asked what if they were banned for griefing, to which Hyrb said "Well, then you don't have to add them to multiplayer."

Hyrb was also questioned on whether games would still be playable if the Xbox One's services were ever shut down. He replied that it is certainly something Microsoft will not do and that it was not the way the system is designed.

While this appears to be good news, it's always hard to look into the future to the end of the life cycle of something like a gaming console and take a statement like that at face value. Time will tell.