3DS Firmware Update Allows One Touch Backup To SD Card

For owners of the Nintendo 3DS system, saving app and game data just got a lot easier. With the latest firmware update, users will be able to save their application and game data to an SD card with the single touch of a button on the device's user interface.

If you have system update 2.0.0-2U or higher, you don't need to do anything except agree to the update. It will be downloaded automatically when you are in range of a wireless Internet connection and SpotPass is enabled. If you have never performed a system update, connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the Internet, and find the System Update option in your system settings.

Games and apps that support the function will allow users to simply click an arrow key and then select the "Save-Data Backup button. The will also be able to save their data to the SD card prior to deleting the app/game eliminating the need to transfer the information to a PC.

Looks like now all the 3DS users will have to do is remember which SD card holds the information they've saved.