PS4 And Xbox One Break Sales Records At Amazon

Seems that even though there has been a lot of backlash over some of Microsoft's earlier decisions, and the pundits all hailing the PS4 as the new leader, both units are doing exceptionally well in pre-orders at So much so it's setting records.

Amazon announced that its Video Games store had a record setting week with a 4000% increase in console orders throughout E3. They also reported that at the peak, people were ordering approximately 2500 new console per minute.

This may not be all that surprising though, as there is always a lot of action in retail with the announcements of new consoles. Especially two that desperately needed to enter the next generation of hardware in order to bring the quality of games closer in line with gaming PCs.

What will ultimately determine how well the console do is what content, and the quality of that content, will be available for consumers who purchase them. This is a pretty exciting time for console aficionados' and once the devices are released we'll see who ends up holding the crown.