Notch Is Oblivious And Still Making Money Hand Over Fist

In a tweet yesterday, Notch (Markus Persson the creator of Minecraft) stated that he just found out that the physical disc version of Minecraft 360 was available in stores. He then tweets that they tell him it's the fastest selling console game in the US.

Now normally we would just write this off as amusing as the game has been in retail for about a week, but this is on top of a tweet by Mojang's CEO, Carl Manneh, that in one week of Mojang selling their new game Scrolls in open beta it has already covered all of the development costs of the game up to this point.

Notch started Minecraft in a very similar manner. He made the unfinished version available for purchase so he could drum up money to continue development. Since then, Minecraft as sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million copies across all platforms, and has made him and his company an absolute truckload of money.

One has to wonder if Notch is blessed, has sold his soul to the devil, or is just that good at taking simple ideas to market and profiting massively.

It looks like Scrolls is going to do well for them and they seem to be doing everything right. If he can continue this trend with his indie games he may very well become the first indie developer to become a billionaire.

What are your thoughts on their success so far?