It's Always Your Fault If You Die

Almost every gamer we know wants a challenging gaming experience, as it's really no fun just waltzing through a game to the end. Seems that the game play designers for Wolfenstein: The New Order are going to be giving gamers exactly what their hearts desire.

In a chat with GameSpot, Senior Gameplay Designer, Andreas Ojerfors at Machines Games, told them that the most difficult level in the game, "I am Death Incarnate", will have gamers crying blood.

He explained that while even the normal difficulty will be challenging, one thing they are keeping focus on is keeping the experience fair. "It's difficult, but always fair," he stated, "You're never really cheated. It's always your [own] fault if you die."

If you've been a fan of the Wolfenstein games from the early days on, you will want to keep your eyes on this one. Currently it is scheduled for launch later this year for the PC, PS3, and PS4, as well as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.