Gigabit Internet Coming To Seattle Early Next Year

If you live in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States screaming fast internet access is coming your way early next year at very affordable prices. Broadband developer Gigabit Squared announced up to 1000 megabit connections will be available.

The company will have three plans of varying speed, but the one that is the most interesting is "Plan C". This plan has no installation fee, and for $80 per month you will get an internet connection that is 1000 Megabits per second (1Gbs) in both directions. That's an amazing connection speed for what most carriers charge for a lot less bandwidth.

While this would only seem to be good news for the people in the Seattle area, it's really good news for everyone in the urban and suburban areas of cities of the US. As companies begin to install these ultra-high speed network the competition will have to adjust pricing in order to compete, and competition is always good for the consumer.

For people in the rural areas … well, don't hold your breath waiting for this kind of throughput, but things are getting better in many rural areas also as this writer can attest to not having to write news over dial-up any more.