Microsoft Applies For In-Vehicle Gesture Patent

In a new patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Microsoft is looking to patent in-vehicle, mobile device control using gestures. Microsoft looks to be moving into more gesture tech than just their Xbox Kinect device.

The patent describes the method as such;

A method for recognizing gestures using a mobile device that is mounted in a vehicle, the mobile device functioning as a handheld mobile device when not mounted in the vehicle, comprising: receiving image information from at least one camera device, the image information capturing a scene that includes an interaction space as part thereof, the interaction space comprising a volume having prescribed dimensions that projects out from the mobile device in a direction of a user who is operating the vehicle; and determining, using a gesture recognition module, whether the user has performed a recognizable gesture within the interaction space, based on the image information, wherein the gesture comprises one or more of: (a) a static pose made with at least one hand of the user without touching the mobile device; and (b) a dynamic movement made with said at least one hand of the user without touching the mobile device.

There is already concern that even voice controlled devices, already available in vehicles, are distracting to the driver and adding gestures to the mix doesn't sound like it would be any better.

Most drivers are already familiar with one gesture when driving, but we don't think that will be included in the recognizable gesture list. What are your thoughts on this technology?