OUYA Gaming Console Gets Official Retail Release

The OUYA gaming console, the little Android powered device that's garnered a lot of buzz in the industry ever since its successful Kickstarter campaign was launch, reached the milestone of official retail release. Some were convinced the project would never make it.

The OUYA is priced at a modest $99 and their website currently shows that there are 173 games available. All of the games are required to have some sort of free-to-try functionality as well as including media apps. The developers also state that there are over 17,000 studios and game creators who have pledged to develop content for the OUYA.

OUYA has not garnered sparkling reviews, however, as most of the reports by early users found the user experience to be rather lacking. All of the backers who received the pre-release version will now be able to go back and re-evaluate the unit to see if it is living up to its planned potential.