Leap Motion Controller One Step Closer To Release

If you've been following the Leap Motion controller, that little device that will allow computer users to control what's on their screen using gestures, you will know that the hardware is not yet available, but the company is opening a portal for developers.

The small devices are supposed to ship to those who pre-ordered one (like me) next month on July 22nd. In the mean time the company is opening a portal for apps and also that they are releasing a beta software development kit (SDK) so that developers who do not yet have the device will be able to see the specific capabilities of the device.

The CEO of Leap Motion, Michael Buckwald, stated that there are currently not many apps in the store due to the fact that many developers have not finished the apps or that they are keeping them under wraps until the hardware officially launches.

The devices initial release date was supposed to be May 13th, but was pushed out so that they could perform additional, comprehensive testing to ensure everything was working as planned before it hit the market. This will indeed be a fun little gadget to play with, and we'll tell you all about it when we actually get our hands on one.