Xbox One Chat Headset Pictured, Not Standard Issue

Microsoft's slower and pricier alternative to PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, won't include a Chat Headset as part of the standard equipment. It would have to be purchased separately. The Chat Headset, a monaural headset for voice-chat during multiplayer gaming, popularized by Call of Duty 4, came in the box of previous-generation Xbox 360 Pro console, which retailed for $299. The Xbox One starts $200 higher than that, at $499. In a statement released to ArsTechnica, Microsoft said:

Xbox One does not include a pack-in headset accessory. Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor, with a highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences.

Microsoft released the first press-shot of the Chat Headset for Xbox One, which reveals a sleek black mono-piece, with few audio controls on its docking port. Unlike Xbox 360's headset, the new one appears to be completely digital, with a USB connection to the controller.

In comparison, the $399 PlayStation 4 includes a basic mono earbud with cable mic, which plugs into the controller. It's analog, but gets the job done, and is included in the package.