Google Starts Pilot Program To Lend Out Street View Trekkers

In an effort to cover the wilderness areas that can tend to be rather hard to reach, or perhaps downright dangerous, Google has launched a pilot program that would allow third party organizations to borrow their street view equipment to map such places.

Just labeled "Google Street View Trekker Projects", Google is willing to lend out their Street View Trekker to organizations such as tourism boards, government agencies, and university and research groups for possible future inclusion on Google Maps.

The "Trekker" is basically a overly tall backpack (as seen in both included images) that the borrower would wear while exploring, which contains the camera equipment for capturing the 360° views that anyone who has used Street View is familiar with.

While Google states that the pilot plan is aimed at organizations, the form that they have you fill out allows for individuals to sign up if they are simply representing themselves. You can access the form at the source link for this article.