Microsoft Adds Instant Translation To Their Windows Phone Twitter App

Using the extensive advancements in machine learning made by Microsoft Research, the Microsoft Translator Team has announced an update for Twitter on Windows Phone that would allow Tweets to be instantly translated from one language to the user's native language.

This is pretty interesting technology as it means Twitter users can get real-time information from twitter, for things like sports or world events, even if it is not in their native language. All the user has to do is tap a Tweet with a globe icon, which indicates that translation is available, and the tweet expands showing the translated text directly below the original Tweet.

Microsoft states that the translation feature will be available in 38 languages, and that Window Phone application developers will be able to take advantage of the Microsoft Translator APIs to add translation features to their own application.

In a forward looking statement, Microsoft said, "As the next billion users come online, we look forward to delivering and enabling many more global experiences by continuing to harness the innovations coming out of our research work and data platforms with developers, app builders and partners."

You can download Microsoft's free Twitter App here if you want to check it out on your Windows Phone.