CCP Promising Near Monthly Updates For Dust 514

In an effort to give players the best gaming experience possible, CCP, the developer of both Eve Online and the PlayStation 3 Free-To-Play MMO Dust 514, have announce that they will be moving to a near monthly update schedule to keep up with feedback on Dust 514.

They stated that this is unique to the console game as the people at Sony are working closely with them to evolve the submission process to suit F2P MMOs, like Dust 514.

We are intensely devoted to delivering the best DUST 514 experience possible. Throughout road-mapping the update process, we have focused on fixing and perfecting our core game systems. Over the next few releases, you'll see us polish the core gameplay systems (aiming and aim assist, controls, vehicle handling, movement on the battlefield) and improve on context and immersion (getting you into a battle, adding a welcome screen, and more). Planetary Conquest will also be getting a lot of love.

CCP is an interesting company as based on their regular update schedules and placing great importance on player feedback, they are one of the few companies that have had continued growth in using the subscription model for Eve Online. While you can't compare their subscriber numbers to a behemoth like WoW, they have shown steady growth over the last 10 years in what is considered a niche market.

It seems that their commitment to a great player experience is continuing with their Dust 514 product. More companies may want to take notice and to place a bit more importance on keeping their players happy.