Xbox Boss Downplays Comparing Console Specs

Xbox planning boss, Albert Panello, feels that comparing the specifications between consoles, such as the upcoming Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, is somewhat meaningless. He is convinced that in the end it will be the games and that gaming experience that matters.

He also stated that there no real reason to even have that discussion;

"For me, I'd rather not even have the conversation, because it's not going to matter," Penello went on. "The box is going to be awesome. The games are going to be awesome. I heard this exact same argument last generation and it's a pointless argument, because people are debating things which they don't know about. They're not [head silicon engineer] Nick Baker or [corporate vice president of IEB hardware Todd Holmdahl], and I'm not [lead PS4 architect] Mark Cerny, so why are we having this discussion?"

Usually when a company spokesperson says something like this it's just their way of trying to defend lesser specification, but his statement has a ring of truth to it. Sure, there are people who will analyze the specifications and make their decision based on that, but the reality is that the players really just want great games and gaming experiences. What are your thoughts on the matter?