Minecraft Xbox 360 Hits 7 Million Sales Milestone

News about Minecraft happens so often that it's almost difficult to consider it new anymore, but the Indie game continues to beat all expectations and continue to preform phenomenally well. The Xbox 360 version of the game has surpassed the 7 million sales milestone.

In an announcement on Twitter, Business Developer Daniel Kaplan Tweeted, "Minecraft on Xbox has now sold 7 million copies!!! CRAZY! =D".

The Xbox Live Arcade version of the game had reach 6 million unit sales at the end of last March, and the retail, disk-based release has been setting sales records and selling like hotcakes.

With the earlier announcement that the PC/Mac/Linux versions of Minecraft had surpassed the 11 million mark, that would indicate that total sales of Minecraft, not including the mobile versions, is nearing sales of 20 million units.