EA's EVP Wants To Take Origin Back To Its Roots As A Gaming Service

The Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts has stated that it's time for it's digital distribution and social platform, Origin, to return to its roots and go back to being a service for gamers and not focus on being just a means to drive transactions.

EVP Andrew Wilson sat down with GamesIndustry International and gave them some insight into where he feels Origin needs to go at this point. He believes that the work ahead will require going back to the founding ideas of the service.

"Part of the reason why I think it came back in to me was my history with Origin," said Wilson. "And the ability to take a step back and say OK, now that we have the plumbing what does 'make your EA games better' mean? What does 'make it easier to access those games' mean? What does 'enhanced gameplay' mean? What does 'connect with friends' mean in the context of Origin, and what does that mean for the PC, for console, and for mobile? Really coming back to our roots as a service for gamers, versus anything else that it may have been perceived to have been over the last few years by virtue of its various permutations or changes in direction."

Origin has taken its fair share of criticism with many gamers stating that the service add nothing new that wasn't already in place on other digital distributions sites and just forced them to download yet another client for no real gain in what was useful for the gamer. Wilson admitted that perception was "absolutely correct", and that the transaction portion of the site more of their focus than the core service that origin was intended to be.

It's always good to hear a company admitting some of their shortcomings with a product, but what they actually do about is yet to be seen.