Apple Seeks "iWatch" Trademark in Japan

In what is a sign of Apple's smartwatch product launch being imminent, Yahoo Japan sniffed out an application by Apple to trademark "iWatch" in the country. The Application included a sketch of what the device could look like.

The sketch, pictured alongside, reveals that iWatch will look nothing like the smartwatches available today. Its design consists of a solid battery/main unit, and a long flexible touchscreen that wraps around your wrist, locking with the main unit. The touchscreen lights up all around your wrist.

Earlier this year, Apple filed patent applications practically the world over, for "wearable technology" that involves flexible AMOLED displays, kinetic-energy chargers, and user-sensors. The device was described as being something that you wrap around your wrist like a bracelet, which gives you basic information no matter from which angle you look at it. When woken up, display from the device lights up around your wrist.