Nintendo Denied Complaint To Get Domain

In what seemed like it would have been an easy win for Nintendo, last February they filed a complaint against the owner of the with the World Intellectual Property Organization. In what is a surprising turn of events the WIPO has denied the claim.

In a decision made early this month, and recently put up on their site, the arbitration and mediation group posted the case details on line which state that the complain has been denied. The document shows to details on why it was denied. This means that the domain will continue to remain the property of the current owner.

Fusible had noted that just days before Nintendo filed the claim, the domain was set to go up for auction on the domain auction site SnapNames. Perhaps Ninteno thought it could just get the name without having to bid on it based on Trademark law. Now that the claim has been denied, they may have to pay a lot more if they are still interested in acquiring it for their own use.