E-Mail Better For Getting Sales Than Social Media Sites

When it comes to acquiring new customers online, almost every marketing strategist and consultant will tell you that you have to have a social presence or you risk being left behind. Seems that good old e-mail is far superior than most people would have imagined.

In a recent report by marketing data company, Custora, it shows that the social sites are actually at the bottom of the list for acquiring customers, with both Facebook and Twitter performing rather miserably, and the best methods are generic search, cost-per-click and our old friend e-mail.

Custora analyzed data on 86 different retailer sites and tracked the shopping habits of 72 million customers. The two year study looked at where customers were clicking in from, and how much they purchased as well at the return rate for those customers.

"I wouldn't necessarily say Twitter is inherently a bad way to do (online marketing), but we haven't seen a lot of good Twitter strategies right now," says Aaron Goodman, Custora's lead data scientist. He says Twitter marketing campaigns right now tend to rely on the chancy likelihood that someone will run across a deal when they dip into their feed. Even if they do see it, within seconds it disappears.

Given that Google has about a 10-year head start on social media for converting searches into sales, we'll have too see how well social media fares in the future as new sales models and strategies develop.