Encryption Hinders Wiretaps For First Time Says Federal Report

In a report issued by the United States Courts to Congress concerning all authorized wiretaps in the 2012 calendar year, they have stated that for the first time encryption has prevented officials from obtaining the plain text of some of the communications.

One might think that they would have to deal with encryption on a regular basis, but the report shows that encryption was reported in on 15 of the wire taps in 2012 and 7 during previous years. Of these encrypted wiretaps, the Administrative Office reported 4 of the messages where indecipherable, which is a first since the AO has been collecting encrypted data since 2001.

The most common surveillance method used was wire surveillance that used a telephone (land lines, cellular, cordless or mobile), and accounted for 95% of all the intercepts installed in 2012.

With all the spying going on these days in the US, like the NSA snooping in on just about everyone, we imaging they will be running into more encrypted data as people become more aware of just how invasive the government is becoming in our lives.