Darkspore Gets Yanked From Steam; Still on Origin

After continual server problems that plagued it, the Maxis developed game, Darkspore, has been pulled from Steam. People experience problems since its launch in 2011 with both accessing the always-online game and also with save game problems. It's still on Origin, though.

The game will not be fixed either. On the game's official forums, one of the game managers posted that the game is "for all intents and purposes an abandoned title. If you cannot play the game and have flicked through the technical issues for any fixes, then contact EA Customer Support especially if it regards CD-Keys or refunds."

The post went on to state;

Error 73003 has gone unfixed & remains an issue.

Error Code 3 has arisen for the majority/all & remains an issue.

I will however keep the forums here as clean & tidy as possible in my spare time. Why? Well why not. If it helps anyone with minor problems, or find their way somewhere, then that's great. I wish you all luck, no matter what path you choose with Darkspore."

Just in case you have the wild itch to buy a virtually unplayable game riddled with problems and that requires an always-on internet connection, Darkspore remains available for purchase on Origin.