Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft For Zynga

A couple of days ago it was announced that Microsoft's President of the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB), Don Mattrick, was leaving Microsoft and taking on the position of Zygna's CEO. This was unexpected and may indicate further reorganization at Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer verified the move in an e-mail he sent to employees stating;

Zynga announced today that Don Mattrick would be its new CEO, effective July 8. This is a great opportunity for Don, and I wish him success. Don's directs will report to me and will continue to drive the day-to-day business as a team, particularly focused on shipping Xbox One this holiday.

This seems to indicate that the move was unexpected at Microsoft for a couple of reasons. First that the letter states that Zygna announced the hiring of Don Mattrick, and secondly it states that all the people who reported to him would be reporting directly to Ballmer. The second reason would imply that Microsoft did not have someone prepped and ready to fill the role.

Mattrick took a lot of gamer backlash during the E3 Xbox One debacle due to announcing the requirement of an always-on internet connection and also the pricing of the console itself. There is no official word from Microsoft yet as to who will fill the position and it's begin speculated that there may be further changes coming in the near future to Microsofts IEB.