RuneScape 3 Gets July 22nd Release Date

Jagex Studios, the creators of the hugely popular free-to-play adventure MMO, RuneScape, has announced that the launch of RuneScape 3 will take place this month, on July 22nd. This is the largest update they have ever made to the game and will be HTML 5 compatible.

The update, which will be using their proprietary HTML 5 engine, will include improved graphics, longer draw distances and better cameras and audio. The transition to HTML 5 will also mean that players will not be required to use Java or any other plug-in in their browsers. The update will also include season high scores do players can compete on weekly and monthly leader boards.

"We received fantastic praise from our passionate RuneScape community when we first revealed the development of RuneScape 3, so we're thrilled to be able to confirm the 22 July launch date for the most significant update in the game's history," said Phil Mansell, Executive Producer of RuneScape 3. "Our pioneering use of HTML 5 technology continues to place us at the forefront of browser-based gaming innovation, and will result in a truly amazing gaming experience for players."

In 2012, RunScape hit a milestone when the 200 millionth account was created for the game and they were recognized by Guinness World Records. Even though the number of active accounts was around 10 million, that is still a huge number of players.