Apple Making Push To Sell More iPhones

In an effort to boost direct, retail sales of iPhones at their brick-and-mortar chain of stores, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Apple Retail Store Leaders and spoke with them for approximately three hours on the new incentives Apple has planned for the near future.

Apple has already launched a "Back To School" promotion which offers a $50 gift card to students purchasing and iPhone, which looks to be the beginning of their new strategy of incentives to increase iPhone sales.

Another method that was hinted at in the meeting is the upcoming launch of an iPhone trade-in program that will be coming to Apple stores. The program has been reported as being competitive with other trade-in options in the iPhone marketplace.

Other incentives for iPhone buyers include upcoming improvements to price-matching policies internationally. In the United States, some Apple Retail Stores can price match iPhones to the pricing from official U.S-based iPhone carriers and retailers such as RadioShack.

More incentive for customers, and the stores selling iPhones, should be announces at Apple's quarterly meeting later this month.