HUD Sales In Vehicles Ready To Skyrocket

IHS Automotive, an automotive industry research firm, says that the growth of heads-up displays in automobiles is set to skyrocket. The unique safety implications of a head-up display make it a prime candidate for inclusion in all levels of vehicles.

A heads-up display (HUD) that is tied to a global position system (GPS) can offer drivers information, such as speed and various warning, without making them take their eyes off the road. HUDs could also project other essential or non-essential information such as oil pressure, tire pressure, text messages from mobile phones or even song list information.

IHS stated that they expect sales to grow from 1.2 million in 2012 to approximately 9.1 million by 2020. Only 2 percent of vehicle sold in 2012 had HUDs, but they expect that figure to reach 9% in the next 7 years.

IHS did caution, however, that if a driver is presented with too much information on the HUD, what began as a safety improvement could end up being a safety concern.