Boston University Sues Apple For Patent Infringment

Just when we were getting used to the normal course of events in patent litigation, Boston University has thrown us a curve ball and is suing Apple for what they claim is patent infringement on a 1997 patent that was granted to a professor in 1997.

The patent in question is entitled, "Highly Insulating Monocrystalline Gallium Nitride Thin Films" that Boston University claims Apple is using in many of its products. Boston University is seeking an injunction on sales of devices that it alleges makes use of what is contained in their patent. These devices include the MacBook as well as the iPhone 5.

Besides an injunction to halt sales, the university also wants information on Apple's sales figures on these devices to determine what damages they have incurred over the alleged use.

Given that the university has not done anything with the patent since it was granted, it remains to be seen if they have a whole lot of legal ground to prop up their case. Either way, it also remains to be seen if Apple just quietly writes them a check to eliminate potential costly litigation or actively fights what they are experts at doing … patent trolling.