DirectX 11.2 Only Coming To Xbox One And Windows 8.1

Along with Windows 8.1 Preview, the company has rolled out a new DirectX 11.2 software. With almost every new DirectX version, Microsoft demanded new operating system. Nothing is changed now because the upcoming DirectX 11.2 will also demand new operating system.

To experience and take advantage of the new features as DirectX 11.2, you will either have to use Windows 8.1 operating system or buy the Xbox One console. This also means that Windows 8 is dead as it will not support the upcoming DirectX 11.2.

The new version reduces latency for DirectX apps, allowing for "faster UI response" and should allow games "with unprecedented amounts of detail." In order to achieve that, DirectX 11.2 uses both system and graphics RAM to store textures. New DirectX 11.2 features can be seen below, but for the full list jump over to the Microsoft website.

  • HLSL shader linking
  • Inbox HLSL compiler
  • GPU overlay support
  • DirectX tiled resources
  • Direct3D low-latency presentation API
  • DXGI Trim API and map default buffer
  • Frame buffer scaling
  • Multithreading with SurfaceImageSource
  • Interactive Microsoft DirectX composition of XAML visual elements
  • Direct2D batching with SurfaceImageSource