Samsung Rolls Out WB110 Bridge Camera

Samsung's recent fascination with mating consumer cameras with Android, isn't coming in the way of its regular camera lineup. The company just unveiled WB110, a mainstream high-zoom point-and-shooter. It succeeds last year's WB100 by tossing out the 16-megapixel sensor for a 20.2-megapixel CCD one; but retains the 26X optical zoom, which the 22.3 mm ultra-wide angle lens brings to the table.

Sensitivity of the WB110 caps out at ISO 3,200, the camera features OIS and DIS image stabilization. As a point-and-shooter, it lacks a viewfinder, but offers a 3-inch LCD display with 480 x 320 pixels resolution. All images are written in the JPEG format (with quality settings), while videos, which are captured a 720p, are written in common MP4 (MPEG4, AVC/H.264). The camera features AV (composite) and HDMI 1.4a outputs. Data is stored on SDHC/SDXC, a maximum of 64 GB is supported. The camera needs four AA-type batteries. Measuring 114.48 x 79.26 x 86.45 mm, it dry-weighs about 385 g. Samsung didn't reveal pricing.