160 Billion Apps To Be Downloaded In 2017

Tech Day

Talking about big numbers, research firm Juniper has published their latest report which says that as many as 160 billion mobile apps will be downloaded combined using Smartphones and tablets in the year 2017, double the number of forecasted app downloads for this year, 2013.

Other Key Findings from the Report Include:
• Only 5% of apps will be paid for at the point of download in 2017, down from 6.1% this year.
• Storefronts will improve their discovery services for consumers, as the influence of Amazon's Appstore recommendation engine becomes more prominent.

The major reasons behind the exponentially growing number of app downloads is due to the rising trend of freemium apps. Download an app for free, while the developers earn money via in-app ads. The report also cites that 40% of all app downloads will fall under the "games" category.