Intel Statement Denies Tizen Death, Claims Development Right On Track

After a report, or rather prediction, from Eldar Murtazin started spreading like wildfire that the Tizen project is as good as DOA (Dead on arrival), Intel comes out with their own statement to let everyone know that they are committed to their Tizen initiative.

Intel is very committed to the development of Tizen. We see a unique role for Tizen in the industry to create and to grow a new, open and flexible, mobile operating system that allows developers to "write once/run on many devices". Tizen has received broad industry support through the Tizen Association and has achieved major milestones this year including establishing the storefront, releasing the Tizen 2.1 source code, the Tizen IVI 2.0 and the Tizen 2.2 Beta SDK that was just released yesterday.

While the source of this statement cannot be confirmed to be Intel, the message does seem to be authentic. Hopefully Samsung will come out with some Tizen-related news soon, it's been a while since we've heard from them about the upcoming HTML5 based open-source platform.