Apple App Store Turns 5 Years Old

Tomorrow, July 10th 2013, will usher in the 5th birthday of the Apple App Store. Since its launch back in 2008 folks have downloaded billions of apps and the number of available apps is approaching the one million mark. Apple released some statistics for us to view.

Being the first app store on the market, when it arrived back in 2008 it took just four days to reach 10 million downloads and in just two months had hit to reach the 100 million milestone. Here are some stats that Apple has released to celebrate the 5 year anniversary.

  • 6 Million registered developers creating apps for Apple devices, +1.5M in last year
  • Over 50 billion apps downloaded
  • Over 900,000 apps on the App Store (93% downloaded each month)
  • 375k bespoke iPad apps
  • 575,000,000 App Store accounts
  • Apple has paid developers $10 billion in five years (3 times more than all other mobile platforms combined)
  • More than 800 apps downloaded every second
  • Over two billion apps downloaded every month
  • Average number of apps downloaded per App Store customer = more than 100 (a/o September 12)
  • App Store available in 155 countries

Those stats contain some truly remarkable numbers and we wish the App Store a Happy Birthday and continued success. If you use the App Store you probably want to wander over there as they are giving away free apps to celebrate also.