Motorola Preparing High-End Phone, To Be Cheaper Than The Nexus 4

A new report says that Motorola is working on cutting-edge hardware, with the real deal clincher being that such a phone will be priced below the Nexus 4, already at an affordable $299 off-contract. The device might very well be the Motorola Moto X under the hood, under a different alias when sold in non-US terriroty (think Europe).

The report goes on to say that the alleged Moto X will go head-on with the iPhone, albeit with a much more affordable price tag. Rumored specifications include a 4.5" HD display, 2 GB of RAM and an 8 MP camera. To be honest, if Motorola manages to come close to offering Nexus 4 like hardware at say $249, we're sold (given there's an micro SD card, or at least 16 GB of internal storage).

With so many rumors of phones and other mobile devices from a plethora of companies, this holiday season is going to be a busy one.