Samsung Offers $4 Million Bounty To Developers In A Bid To Populate Tizen App Store

In a bid to woo developers to get coding for Samsung and Intel's joint venture, Tizen, the company is offering bounty to the tune of $4 million, which can be won by developers by submitting a quality app by the 1st of November. So what are you waiting for? Get coding!

So how do you enter the Tizen App Challenge?

Step 1: Sign up so you don't miss a thing.

Sign up here! We'll make sure you know the important contest dates, and keep you up to speed with the latest development resources, hack-a-thons and port-a-thons, and other useful information.

Step 2: Submit your app to the Tizen Store Seller Office and pass certification.

Register for an account at the Tizen Store Seller Office and submit your app. You will receive an app ID. When you've been notified that your app has passed certification, you're ready to move to the next step.

Step 3: Register your app in the Tizen App Challenge.

To enter your app, fill out the Tizen App Challenge Registration Form. You can enter as many certified apps in the contest as you'd like, but remember, each app can only be entered one time.

Mind you, the $4 million doesn't go to just one app or developer. While games take away a major chunk of the prize money, the best general app (not a game) wins an impressive $120,000 while the top 10 HTML5 based apps get $50,000 each.