Motorola Droid Ultra, MAXX And Mini Pose For A Family Portrait

Continuing with the endless rounds of Motorola's 2013 Droid-related leaks is a new one featuring all three new handsets. The first thing that you'll notice in this family portrait of the Motorola Droid MAXX, Droid Ultra and Droid Mini is the similarity in their design and looks.

The full frontal shot shows us the identical Droid MAXX and Ultra, with the MAXX being just an extended battery edition of the flagship Ultra (we're hoping for something more than 4000 mAh this time round). The Droid Mini will be no-doubt a cheaper Droid Ultra with smaller dimensions. We believe that the sole reason that the Droid Mini even exists is because of the new trend of 'Mini' Smartphones, something that we've already seen from Samsung and (soon-to-release) HTC.

The Motorola DROID Family, 2013. from left to right: DROID Mini, DROID Ultra, DROID MAXX

— @evleaks (@evleaks) July 10, 2013

The new leak also puts the release date for the new Droids at August 8th, much further away from the originally rumored July announcement. Oh well... We'll wait for the day (which happens to be just a single day after LG's Optimus G successor event).