BlackBerry To Introduce A New Flagship, Dubbed The BlackBerry A10 Aristo

BlackBerry came clean on its roadmap for the rest of 2013, and it ain't a pretty sight. Apart from the recently leaked BlackBerry 9720, running on the aged BB OS 7, there will just be one other new phone in 2013. The said phone will replace the current flagship BlackBerry Z10 to take place as the most powerful BlackBerry 10 platform running Smartphone.

The upcoming BlackBerry A10 Aristo, higher up in the hierarchy than the Z10, will feature a 5" display, a huge increase over the 4.2" max that we've seen till date. Whether the screen resolution will be stuck to 720p, or will indeed be a 1080p panel is not known at the moment. Sadly the A10 will feature a dual-core processor (no quad-core babes), and 2 GB of RAM to boot. The BlackBerry A10 will reportedly launch sometime late in fall this year.