Rovio Releases 'Tiny Thief', Now Available On iOS And Android

Rovio has finally released the hotly anticipated 'Tiny Thief' mobile game for iOS and Android platforms. The new title is the first commercial game to come out of the Rovio Stars initiative and can now be downloaded for $2.99 from Play Store or iTunes App Store,

The Rovio Stars initiative helps developers with promising game ideas to work on their game best while Rovio becomes the official distributor. If the game is genuinely good, it will no doubt do well in the app markets. With Rovio's backing, it only takes the developers 10 steps ahead of competition. Both Rovio, and mostly the developers benefit from the initiative in terms of extra revenue for Rovio, and additionally, recognition for the developers of the indie title.

Tiny Thief at its core is a puzzler which invloves a thief trying to escape capture from the authorities. Simple idea and great execution can lead this game to become the next bestseller. Interested in playing it already? Hit the links to the respective app stores posted below.

Rovio Tiny Thiefs on Google Play Store

Rovio Tiny Thiefs on Apple iTunes App Store