Sony Makes Game Publishing Easier Than Ever With "Four Pillar" Approach

Sony is working really hard towards making the PlayStation 4 a grand success. All that hard work doesn't simply go into designing the externals and internals, or even just marketing the console. A console can be truly successful when the game developers are at ease and feel right at home. Sony explains the steps it has taken to ensure that.

The Japanese company comes out clean, and in a very modest way outlines the "four pillar" approach to game publishing so as to make it even easier on the new PlayStation 4 compared to the older PlayStation 3.

Four Pillars:

  • "Every developer is a publisher"
  • "Equality of opportunity"
  • "Personal relationship"
  • "No hurdles, just games"

Sony strongly believes that with their segmented and multi-tiered approach, they can win a ton developers, particularly indie ones. The next statement should make those small developers really happy:

"Every single developer is a publisher, as far as we're concerned. We don't separate, we don't segregate indies from traditional publishers" - Simonetta

Individual developers can also work with Sony on a one-to-one basis to help with promotions for their PS4 titles. Read more about Sony's strong moves straight from the source, Develop Conference 2013.