Lumia 1020 Pictured with a Chunky Camera Grip

The Verge

Lumia 1020's detachable camera grip, which reportedly made an appearance before FCC, is no unicorn. Nokia is serious about offering such an accessory, that transforms the mostly candybar-looking device into something the shape of a point-and-shoot. Grip is vital to a good camera, because even with stellar sensors, optics, and post-processing, everything could be moot without proper ergonomics.

Nokia's camera grip wraps itself around the Lumia 1020, forming a layered bezel around the piano-black one that frames the screen. With the grip attached, the plastic frame levels itself with the otherwise protruding black bezel, even if it's still bulging out a bit. On the business end of the grip, a mostly rubberized surface, with a more pronounced rubber portion where you park your fingertips, complete the package. There's little information if the grip adds a tripod mount, because that would be perfect. Sleepless nights for Galaxy S4 Zoom.