Supported Lumia Devices To Get Nokia Pro Camera App Soon


The newly announced Lumia 1020 has more than just spanking new camera-focused hardware. Software plays a big part in helping achieve those stunning shots, in the form of image processing algorithings, photo modes, customization options and much more. The good news is that all these software features are coming to a couple of Lumia devices, soon.

Nokia Pro Camera, the camera app that handles the software part of the camera-centric Lumia 1020, will be landing on a couple Lumia devices shortly. The bad news? The app will only be released for the PureView equipped Lumia 920, Lumia 928 and Lumia 925 Smartphones. Perhaps many of the features found in the app require PureView hardware, but we'd love to see a part of the new camera features land on other Lumia devices in the near future. To the question of when the update will be rolled out, all I have to say is, I have no idea (as of now - sorry).

To know more about the Nokia Pro Camera app, hit the source link posted below.