Windows Phone Blue Arrives in 2014, with Three Major Changes

Microsoft referred to its next PC operating system, Windows 8.1, as "Windows Blue," in some of its earliest stages of development. At the time, there was talk of a "Windows Phone Blue," the next major version of Windows Phone.

The name made its appearance on the web again, with talk of a 2014 launch. "Windows Phone Blue" succeeds not just the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update that's around the corner; but also the GDR3 update due for late-2013, that introduces support for higher resolution screens, making devices such as Nokia's fabled 6-inch phablet a reality.

"Windows Phone Blue," going by the nomenclature precedent set by Windows 8.1, could be named "Windows Phone 8.1," but given that it will launch next year, and introduce a few pretty significant UI changes, it wouldn't surprise us if Microsoft christens it something less subtle, like Windows Phone 9.

"Windows Phone Blue" could introduce better multi-tasking (probably to combat iOS 7 and its focus on that), a proper notification center (don't be surprised if Microsoft calls it a system tray), which is yet another design idea drawn from Android via iOS 7, and a handful of new stock apps.