Yamaha Rolls Out CD-S3000 Player and A-S3000 Amp

Audiophiles' messiah from the far-east Yamaha, rolled out a pair of new high-end consumption equipment, which includes the CD-S3000 (pictured above), a premium audio CD player; and A-S3000 pre-main amplifier .

The CD-S3000 is no ordinary CD player as you'll soon find out. It features what Yamaha calls "Optimized High-precision Rigid CD Mechanism," which ensures the most accurate reads, Sabre32, a high-performance 32-bit DAC by ESS (Yamaha's production equipment chipset brand), and a high-quality multi-stage OPAMP. In addition to CDDA and SA-CDs, it can play back discs with MP3, and WMA. The CD-S3000 is priced at a staggering 451,500 JPY (US $4,541) a variant of this unit minus the disc player, which takes various analog and digital inputs, and post-processes it over the same OPAMP, is the A-S3000. It features a complete isolation of the pre-amp and power-amp circuits, to minimize interference. This level of redundancy steps its price up to 493,500 JPY (US $4,964).