eBay Exact Becomes First Large-scale Commercial 3D Printing Service

Online printing services have been around for decades now, and with the advent of 3D printing, it's only natural that large-scale organized commercial 3D printing services take shape. With the sheer potential in the technology, it's only fair that it gains critical mass before manufacturers that feel threatened by it lobby with governments over the 3D printed guns bogey, and get it outlawed, or at least out of public hands. It is therefore, that eBay Exact is an important milestone in the evolution of consumer 3D printing.

eBay Exact lets you create 3D printed articles by submitting your own designs to eBay, and having them either send those articles to you, or accessorize your recently purchased stuff with them. The service is currently in a beta stage, and goods are delivered to customers in 7 to 14 days, but the promise is immeasurable. Download an app for eBay Exact that submits 3D printing meshes from popular apps like MakerBot, on Apple App Store.