Intel Atom Z2580 AnTuTu Score 20% Lower Post Revision

After a revision made to popular benchmark site AnTuTu, Intel's older Atom Z2580 benchmark score falls a sharp 20%. Before the drop, the SoC was dominating the charts. After the new revision has been put to affect, Samsung's Exynos 5 Octa SoC pulls ahead of the Atom.

Intel's Atom Z2580 can be found in the Lenovo K900 5.5" phablet, and is a powerful chip. Sadly, it's based on an older generation architecture and is not a part of the newly announced Atom processor which promises as much as 2x the performance. Consulting firm BDTI found that the Atom Z2580 was not executing all instructions due to the ICC compiler, thus artificially inflating RAM scores. Post switching to the GCC compiler, RAM scores have nearly halved.

AnTuTu is planning yet another major revision to their testing standards next month. We can't wait to see all contemporary SoCs and where they stand after the revision is put to effect.