Microsoft Sues US Customs For Ignoring Restrictions On Imported Motorola Phones

In the never ending battle of big companies suing each other, and also government entities, Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against the United States Customs and Border Patrol (USCBP) for allowing Motorola Mobility phones into the country against court orders.

The import restriction was put in place by the courts back in 2012, and the patent dispute revolved around the calendar functionality on the Motorola Android devices, which Microsoft claimed was being infringed upon.

Microsoft states;

"The only conclusion that can reasonably be drawn from CBP's pattern of conduct is that CBP will not enforce the Commission's exclusion order absent a court order compelling it to do so. CBP has repeatedly allowed Motorola to evade that order based on secret presentations that CBP has refused to share with Microsoft. Microsoft has repeatedly explained that CBP's stated reasons for not enforcing the exclusion order are legally mistaken, only to confront new theories and claims that CBP has adopted (apparently after further secret discussions) to justify its continuing refusal to enforce the exclusion order. Microsoft's efforts to resolve this impasse through means other than litigation have come to naught. With its recent, and demonstrably flawed, June 24 refusal to bar importation of infringing Motorola devices, CBP has left Microsoft no choice but to bring this action."

For those not in the know, Motorola Mobility is owned by Google and they had something to say also;

"U.S. Customs appropriately rejected Microsoft's effort to broaden its patent claims to block Americans from using a wide range of legitimate calendar functions, like scheduling meetings, on their mobile phones. We're confident that the court will agree."

We'll bring you more information as the saga unfolds, so sit back and grab some popcorn for the show.