Things You Need To Know; Virtual Reality Sickness

Virtual Reality is all the buzz these day, especially with people waiting for the Oculus Rift. VR has some potential problems for users, though, like making them sick. Oculus VR Programmer, Tom Forsyth, wrote an interesting blog post on what can be done.

When some people put on a virtual reality headset they are amazed, wowed and some of them are quickly left with a feeling of queasiness or nausea. This type of motion sickness from virtual reality is nothing new and has been experienced by people for years using simulators or even just playing certain computer games.

After explaining some of the problems that can be fixed by developers, such as using correct camera angles and distortion correction, changing viewing information in ways that don't follow "VR Rules" and high latency, he also states that one of the problems can be that players may not be taking the time to calibrate the unit for the games.

We completely understand the eagerness to experience VR, and right now the calibration process does take a bit of time. But if this is not correctly set up for each person's face, it can lead to some people getting queasy in seconds. Oculus now has a user configuration utility, so please encourage people to take the time to do the calibration.

This is not something that is inherent to the Oculus device, but something that will be a potential problem for users of any VR devices that come out in the future.

While not everyone may want to jump to the source to read a lot of technical developer information, if you have an Oculus Rift on order make sure you take the time to get it right or your first experience may not be what you expect at all.