Thermal Facial Scan As Unique As Fingerprints

Biometrics, the use of unique, distinguishable differences in out physical make-up to identify who we are, has been around for a long time. Fingerprints, full palm scanning, iris scanning and voice recognition are some of the ways. A team in India found another.

A team at the Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India have created a computer algorithm that can take the results of a thermal image scan that shows the unique blood vessels in a person's face and make positive identifications to a highly accurate degree (97% accuracy), and that it would be almost impossible to fool the method using a mask or other devices.

Each person's patterns of blood vessels in their face is as unique as any of the other biometric areas that are used today. The difference is that there is no way to fake the pattern as the thermal image would see through the attempts and reveal the actual pattern of the person being scanned. Combined with a second or third method of identification, such as other biometrics or security cards, this method of biometric identification would suffice in high-security application.